Board Members

​The Board consists of five members, all active licensed chiropractors, appointed by the Governor.
President: Jeff Smith, D.C., Monticello, KY
Vice-President: Chad Henderson, D.C., Somerset, KY
Board Member:  Eric Davis, D.C., Owensboro, KY
Board Member:  James England, D.C., Henderson, KY
Board Member:  Kelly Cooper-Henson, D.C., Russell Springs, KY
Board Counsel:  M. Keith Poynter, General Counsel​​ 

​Questions or Comments

If you have questions, concerns or comments regarding the practice of chiropractic in Kentucky, we ask that you address them, in writing, to the Board office, rather than contacting individual Board members. If a Board member discusses a matter with a consumer or licensee, and that matter eventually comes before the Board, that Board member must recuse himself, and is not permitted to vote on the matter.