Complaint Process

Chiropractic patients have a right to expect a professional standard of care from their chiropractor. If you believe a chiropractor has violated Kentucky statutes or regulations, you may send a written complaint to the Kentucky Board of Chiropractic Examiners. As the body responsible for regulating the chiropractic profession and protecting the public in matters related to chiropractic, the Board will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action.
Under its governing rules, the Board cannot be involved with fee disputes between patient and chiropractor.  

How does the complaint process work?

Patient complaints received in writing at the Board office will be logged in and assigned a case number.  A copy of the complaint will be mailed to the licensed chiropractor, allowing him an opportunity to respond, and requesting a complete copy of the patient records for the Board's consideration and review.
At the next Board meeting the full Board will review the complaint and the response from the licensee to determine if there has been any violation of the statutes and regulations.  The Board may further investigate the matter, dismiss the matter, attempt informal resolution of the matter or file formal charges.
If the Board files formal charges against a chiropractor as a result of the investigation, an administrative hearing may be held. A formal hearing involves lawyers, a court reporter, hearing officer and witnesses. If the Board finds that the chiropractor has not met the prescribed standard of care and conduct, it has the authority to impose penalties ranging from an agreed order to the suspension or revocation of his/her license.

What type of outcome can I expect from a complaint?

The complaint process is a detailed and careful one and you should expect some delay. In every case, the chiropractor will be provided with a copy of the complaint and afforded the opportunity to file a response.
Not every complaint results in disciplinary action by the Board if the chiropractor has not violated the laws governing chiropractic.  If charges are filed, an administrative hearing may be held similar to a court trial and is open to the public.
You may be subpoenaed as a witness to provide testimony regarding the case. In this event, the Board's Counsel will assist you in preparing for the hearing. If the Board orders a specific sanction, the chiropractor has the right to appeal, and the final decision may be delayed in the courts.
If the Board files formal charges or takes formal action against a chiropractor, most portions of the investigative file will become public record which can be viewed by any individual who requests to do so. The record may include your written complaint, transcripts or reports of interviews, letters, and other reports.  All testimony and evidence admitted in a formal hearing have the status of public record as well. Patient records obtained in the process of investigation usually can be protected from disclosure as public record.
You will be advised of the final outcome resulting from your complaint. Patient monetary compensation is not a responsibility of the Board.

How do I file a complaint?

You should complete a detailed complaint form​​​, providing all pertinent information. Sign and date an Authorization for Release of Medical and Chiropractic Records​ (pdf . 41k) form giving the Board permission to look at your records, if necessary.  Also, please provide any supporting documentation that you might have.


Complaints should be mailed to:

Kentucky Board of Chiropractic Examiners
P.O. Box 1360
Frankfort, KY 40602

Required Forms

Complaint Form​​​
Authorization for Release of Medical and Chiropractic Records ​(pdf. 41k)