From the Board

Updates on Medicaid Provider Enrollment
KY Department for Medicaid Services is pleased to announce the electronic KY Medicaid Provider Enrollment System Pilot coming soon
Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application (KY MPPA) is a web-based, electronic enrollment system that streamlines becoming a new Medicaid Service Provider.

Things to know:

Existing Medicaid Providers must have a valid email address and their Medicaid ID# to access and update their information in the system.
The KY MPPA pilot, launching soon, will include the following provider types and one or more medium-sized hospitals; Chiropractor (85), Dentist (60), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (82), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (81), Occupational Therapist (88), Optometrist (77), Physical Therapist (87), Speech Language Pathologist (79). To obtain an existing Medicaid ID #, submit a written request signed by the Provider, Owner, Officer, or Board Member to The request should include the Provider name, NPI, FEIN or SS#, and a valid email address for the Provider.  Visit the KY MPPA website for updates, webinars and access information.​ Do not contact the Board office with questions regarding insurance coverage, reimbursement, or coding.

KBCE and Pastoral Medical Association Clarification
The Board and its legal counsel have been in conversations with the Pastoral Medical Association and its legal counsel. As a point of clarification, the Board voted at its June 5, 2015, meeting that Kentucky chiropractors are free to join, advertise, and counsel under the Pastoral Medical Association as long as there is a separation between the PMA services and the chiropractic services being rendered.  PMA services are pastoral in nature.
The PMA and the Board agree (1) that consumers should receive clear notice delineating PMA and chiropractic services, and (2) that advertising, invoices, record-keeping, files, and services need to be kept and provided separately.  The PMA and the Board will work in coordination to guard Kentucky consumers. The PMA acknowledges that state-licensed chiropractors are subject to the Board for their chiropractic practices as outlined by KRS 312 and 201 KAR Chapter 21.
2013 Letter to Active Licensees  
On May 10, 2013, a letter of notice was issued by the KBCE. This letter addressed the issue of Internet Marketing as well as required a response from every licensee regarding the registration and photos of their facility name and signage. You can view the notice or reprint the Facility Registration Form here.
Please Note: All responses must include BOTH the Facility Registration Form and photos. The only instances in which photos are not required are if you are not practicing chiropractic, or not practicing within the State of Kentucky.

Extremity Adjusting Within Scope  
The board office has been receiving numerous phone calls regarding extremity adjusting from both licensees and insurance companies.  According to the scope of practice as outlined in KRS 312.015 and 312.017, extremity adjusting is within the scope of practice of chiropractic in Kentucky, so long as the adjustment of the extremity is related to the subluxation of the spine.  Please read the above referenced statutes available through links on the bottom right-hand side of our homepage for more detailed information concerning this issue.

Ongoing Field Visits  
The Kentucky Board of Chiropractic Examiners is currently conducting random facility visits as per KRS 312.019 (8).  It is the Board's hope that the visits will give the licensees the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and will also insure compliance with the statutes and regulations governing chiropractic in Kentucky.  This should help to prevent any possible violations or complaints in the future.  This new program is intended to strengthen the profession and heighten public protection.

Decompression vs. Traction  
After review of several recent advertisements and their referenced studies concerning decompression, at its November 6, 2009 meeting, the Board issued the following opinion concerning decompression and traction.
The Board recognizes decompression to be a form of traction.  Licensees should refrain from stating or advertising that one is more or less effective than the other, based upon studies reviewed by the Board.

Advertising Requirements  
Due to the recent high volume of laser and disc decompression advertisements being reviewed by the Board office, the full Board would like to clarify regulations for advertising these services in Kentucky.  In the instance of disc decompression, please also read the outcome of the Oregon DRX9000 settlement, available through the link provided.
In order to advertise either laser treatment or disc decompression, the licensee must have certification of training in the advertised treatment from a CCE accredited chiropractic college on file with the Board office.
Per the scope of practice defined in KRS 312.015(3), these treatments must be advertised as adjunctive care.
All other advertising regulations must be followed as outlined in 201 KAR 21:065.
Any claims made in the advertisement must be able to be substantiated by the licensee.
There shall be no statements which can be considered false or misleading, in compliance with Kentucky's Consumer Protection laws.

Advertising Liability 
The Board office is not in a position to approve or disapprove any advertisements, however they may make suggestions for compliance.  Each licensee is responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the Kentucky Statutes and Regulations which govern the practice of chiropractic in Kentucky.
Failure to comply with the information on this website will result in board action as outlined in KRS 312.150.